Тhe Domination


Pride and Strenght

One thousand years after the first war Aragon gave birth to the Orcs. Brutal savage beasts came directly from the deep soil of The Black Mountain with strength and size way beyond the capabilities of Human and Infernal Demons.

Orc History

Orcs needed hundreds of years before they were able to form their first tribes and fight for their place in Aragon. After the facts from The Second War and the union of The Domination, The Orcs led by Inngrim established their Empire with the capital city Innammar in the lands of Red Wastes at Grommdor. High Chieftain Inngrim is currently the leader of The Domination.

Orc Racial Traits

Stuns enemy target for 3 seconds.
Axe in The Skull
Critical chance with Axes increased by 5%.
Boiling Blood
Increases haste by 20% for 5 seconds.

Available Classes