The Sacred Order

Faction Story

After the fall of Whitestone City and the devastating losses suffered by the humans, great actions were necessary. An urged need for a hero found one in the darkest hour. King Venuin led his people away from White Garden and assembled the prosperous Whitesong City. His great diplomatic skills managed to gather invaluable allies for the Humans. King Venuin was able to present the upcoming danger to the great craftsmen - The Dwarves from Throrsgard, to nature-loving, unmatched assassins and wisest of all - High Elves from Lunadell. Before the end of his long reign King Venuin stood before Elven and Dwarven Kings in favor of the Bearan. Brute, fierce and feral beings which by time proved Venuin’s trust. Human, Dwarfs, Elves and Bearans united together forming The Sacred Order with their believe in the Holy spirit, the peace and in the order which gives soul and life to every living creature in Aragon, their homeworld. The need of forming The Sacred Order was strongest when the invading Orcs from the Black Mountain united with the mighty tribe of Minotaurs from The Living River striving to get more land for their growth number of people came to lands of Storms Valley. When the invading Orcs and Minotaurs were defeated in the Second War tricked by the Humans of the Kingdom of Whitesong City and ambushed by the Elves they realized the power of the united races of The Sacred Order.


High Elf