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You can play Fully featured Scars of Honor with the Free Account, or get an upgraded account to receive bonus perks.
When you purchase Supporter or Honorable Account you are directly supporting the development of the game!

Free Account

  • Full Game Access when released!
  • Forum Access.


Supporter Account

  • Special Forum Badge.
  • Early name Reservation.
  • +1 Character Rename Token
  • +20 Transmogrification Points

19.99 € 9.99 €

Honorable Account

  • Special Forum Badge.
  • Earliest name Reservation.
  • Adventurer Backpack.
  • Game Title: Honorable
  • Game Mount: War Steed/Wolf
  • Real Character Forum Avatar
  • +5 Character Rename Token
  • +30 Transmogrification Points

49.99 € 29.99 €

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