The Domination

Faction Story

The Orcish leader Inngrim traveled far north to the cursed lands seeking the allies which can help him in his war against the forces of The Sacred Order. There in the lands once owned by the Humans he found the Undead people of Gravestone willing to provide Inngrim with their undead fleet and allegiance to him, only if he honors them as any other living being in Aragon. Inngrim together with the Undead Queen Nepherimas decided to find more lands and allies traveled by oceans heading to the continent of Grommdor. There by landing they saw their true enemy, the humans having war with the unknown race for the orcs and undead - Infernal Demon. Immediately Orcs and Undead rushed into battle helping the Infernal Demons win the battle and send Humans back to continent from where they came from. Amazed by the skill in combat which Orcs and Undead have shown in battle, Infernal Demons gave vow to Inngrim that they will follow him in life and afterlife as long as he and his people honor the magical nature of the Infernal Demons. The Sacred Order forces were for first time truly dominated on the battlefield. Inngrim and the other leaders realized the power they posses all together. The Domination union was formed, a pact was signed with the blood of the race leaders, none can’t brake the vows given that day. Orcs, Undead, Minotaurs and Infernal Demons united took their place in the lands of Aragon.


Infernal Demon