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Campaign is live Feb 6th - Mar 6th
Support us on Kickstarter
Campaign is live Feb 6th - Mar 6th


Scars of Honor is a 3D Stylized, Fantasy Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game, and at launch will be completely Free-to-play, without any pay-to-win factors. There will be a shop, but it will be strictly cosmetic (without any convenient items, like exp boosts, storage expansions, weapons, and armor, currency, etc.). The developer and publisher of the game is Beast Burst Entertainment.

After choosing one of the 8 races (Human, High Elf, Dwarf, Bearan, Orc, Undead, Infernal Demon, Gronthar) and a class corresponding to the chosen race (Warrior, Paladin, Mage, Priest, Ranger, Druid, Witch, Pirate, Assassin, Necromancer), the players will be taken to the world of Aragon where two factions “The Sacred Order” and “The Domination” are in a constant battle between each other.
The players would be able to do whatever and go wherever they please because of the open-world model. The main goal of the players will be making their way to level 50 doing quest-like content, Dungeons, and Raids along the way.

Scars of Honor will be heavily social and almost everything will require a party of more than one person to complete.

The Dungeon mechanics will be scaling with the player's level, changing every 10 levels, so this way the players will have to return to previous zones and there won’t be any useless content.

 Some of the features the game will have are an Active Weather system, Character housing, and personal address, Bounty hunts, Massive-scale wars, Guild wars and questing, and many more.

 The community of the game is also heavily involved in the making as the slogan of the game says “FROM the Community, FOR the Community!”
 A true example of an MMORPG project that brings the player’s ideas and dreams to life.


We all have that one game we love and play, but something is always missing? Well, that is what motivated the creation of Scars of Honor.

It all started several years ago with the idea of making a game where there is no lack of content and on the other hand, it’s not overstuffed.

The founder of the project first started by releasing a Facebook page with a wallpaper, logo, a brief description, some character models, and the ambition of making something unique.

After receiving big amounts of positive feedback and many followers, more people joined the team and started working alongside him.

Fast forward to about a year ago, the project has a fully functional Website, half of the character models are done, a pre-alpha map, and a fully optimized game core.

That takes us to present days where the project has investors involved, a company has been formed under the name of Beast Burst Entertainment, and a very own workspace for the awesome people to gather and work their magic on the project.


  • Massive open world: Explore the world of Aragon. Take on adventures in the prosperous and beautiful continent of Mynorath or test your strength and skills in the cursed and deadly lands of Grommdor where all evil lives.

  • Free-to-play: Scars of Honor will be available for everyone and yeah even people with more budget pc builds will be able to play. We will feature a cosmetics shop and don’t worry we know that making people strong, based on their card balance (Pay2Win) is a big NO!

  • Customization: As we mentioned earlier, we will feature a shop for cosmetics, BUT you will be able to change your animations and skills color as well. Yeah, you got that right, don’t like the yellow fireball, don’t worry you can make it red/blue/green, etc. The animation of your main damage ability is too basic for you, well guess what there is a super awesome animation for that ability that you can grab from the shop.

  • Level scaling: Players will be able to gain a total of 50 levels (on release). Every 10 levels the Dungeons and Raids will change their mechanics and the NPCs will get tougher and tougher.
  • Player-vs-Player: World PvP will be available, as well as battlegrounds, arenas, bounty hunts of other players, and more.
  • Guilds:  We will pay special attention to guilds in general, they will have many features like battles, the ability to buy land and build strongholds that would be conquerable by other guilds, questing, and more to come.

  • Personal address: Every player in the game will know that You live at this address, and not only that, it will show what type of profession you have, and people will be able to contact you if they need something made.

  • Active Weather: The game will have its own active weather system, which will change upon the player's real-life weather forecast.

  • Community-driven: Scars of Honor is a project where everyone can be a Game Designer, you have an awesome unique idea, share it with us and you may see it live in the game. We are reviewing every comment and suggestion on our official forums (and not only) and constantly consulting with them via social networks.
  • Never-ending: We are always carving for new and exciting ideas and will never stop evolving, so the one thing we can be sure about is that we won’t limit ourselves in any way.