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Scars of Honor is an eagerly anticipated 3D fantasy gaming experience where players embark on thrilling adventures among visually stunning landscapes. What sets it apart is its unwavering dedication to fairness, ensuring that success isn't determined by one's wallet. Developed by the talented team at Beast Burst Entertainment, this game isn't just about entertainment; it's about creating unforgettable moments for players from every corner of the globe.

Upon entering the game, players will select from a diverse range of 8 races, each with its own unique traits and abilities, including Human, High Elf, Dwarf, Bearan, Orc, Undead, Infernal Demon, and Gronthar. With a corresponding class choice such as Warrior, Paladin, Mage, Priest, Ranger, Druid, Witch, Pirate, Assassin, or Necromancer, players will embark on their journey into the vibrant world of Aragon, where two factions, “The Sacred Order” and “The Domination,” are in a constant battle between each other.

In the expansive open-world setting of Aragon, players will have the freedom to forge their own path. Whether engaging in quest-like adventures, conquering dungeons, or banding together for epic raids, the journey to level 50 will be filled with excitement and challenges.

Social interaction lies at the heart of Scars of Honor, with most activities requiring collaboration in parties. Dungeon mechanics dynamically scale with player levels, ensuring that no content goes to waste and encouraging revisits to previous zones.

The game boasts an abundance of features to enrich the player experience, including a Massive open world, Advanced character customization, Building, Meaningful Professions, Bounty hunts, Guild wars, and immersive questing, among others.

At its core, Scars of Honor is a project shaped by its community, with the motto “FROM the Community, FOR the Community!” embodying its collaborative spirit. It stands as a testament to the dedication of both developers and players alike, bringing to life the collective dreams and visions of MMORPG enthusiasts.


The journey of Scars of Honor began with a simple desire: to create a game that fills the voids many players find in their favorite titles. It all started years ago with a vision of a game rich in content yet elegantly balanced.

The project's founder took the first step by launching a Facebook page, sharing a glimpse of the game's potential with a wallpaper, logo, and a brief description. With the passion to create something truly unique, this initial spark ignited an enthusiastic response from the gaming community, attracting followers and positive feedback.

As momentum grew, a dedicated team was created step by step, in which each member shared the founder's vision. Together, they poured their talents and efforts into shaping the game's identity and mechanics.

Fast forward to the present day, and the project has evolved into a concrete reality. A fully functional website showcases the game's progress, while carefully crafted character models breathe life into its world. With a pre-alpha map in place and a finely tuned game core, the foundation for an immersive gaming experience is laid.

Embarking on the journey of the entrepreneurship, the project has attracted investors, leading up to the official creation of Beast Burst Entertainment. United by their passion for games, creative and dedicated people from several countries join forces in bringing Scars of Honor to life.

Today, gathered within their dedicated workspace, these remarkable individuals come together, each day contributing their unique talents to the project. It's a space where creativity thrives, ideas flourish, and dreams begin to take shape—a testament to the power of passion and dedication in the world of game development.


  • Massive open world: Explore Aragon's diverse landscapes: the prosperous continent of Mynorath, teeming with beauty and opportunity, or the cursed and deadly lands of Grommdor, where evil reigns supreme. Choose your path wisely and embark on thrilling adventures today!

  • Free-to-play: Scars of Honor will be open to players across various platforms, including mobile devices running on both Android and iOS. Whether you're gaming on your PC or on the go with your smartphone or tablet, everyone can join the adventure. Plus, with our commitment to fairness, you can enjoy the game without worrying about Pay-to-Win mechanics.

  • Customization:In addition to our cosmetics shop, Scars of Honor will allow players to customize their animations and skill colors. That's right—whether you're tired of the same old yellow fireball or looking to spice up your main damage ability, you'll have the freedom to choose from various options. Do you want your fireball to be red, blue, green, or any other color of the rainbow? You got it. And if you're craving a more dynamic animation for your abilities, our shop will feature a selection of super awesome alternatives to suit your style.

  • Level scaling: In Scars of Honor, your journey spans to reaching level 50, but that's just the tip of the iceberg. At every milestone of 10 levels, dungeons and raids will scale accordingly. Brace yourself for escalating challenges as you progress, with enemies growing stronger and dungeon mechanics evolving to keep you on your toes. So, while the ultimate goal is level 50, the adventure is far from linear—each step forward presents new trials and triumphs to conquer.
  • Player-vs-Player: In addition to the thrilling PvE content, Scars of Honor offers a vibrant PvP experience to satisfy your competitive spirit. Engage in World PvP across the vast landscapes of Aragon, where every corner becomes a battleground for supremacy. For more structured combat, dive into battlegrounds and arenas where strategic teamwork and individual skill shine. Feeling adventurous? Embark on bounty hunts to track down and challenge other players for epic rewards and bragging rights. With a variety of PvP options available, including World PvP, battlegrounds, arenas, bounty hunts, and more, there's never a dull moment in the world of Scars of Honor.

  • Guilds:  Guilds are at the core of Scars of Honor, offering a diverse range of features to enrich your gaming experience. Be a part of thrilling battles as guilds compete for dominance, with the chance to strategically acquire land and construct powerful strongholds that rival guilds will seek to conquer. Collaborate with your fellow guild members on exciting quests, fostering bonds of friendship and unity as you explore the world of Aragon together. And rest assured, we're continually working on adding even more exciting features to make guild gameplay in Scars of Honor truly unforgettable!

  • Building System: Picture this: you've just killed a massive monster at the bottom of a lake, and now you can claim a plot of land on the lakeside, offering a breathtaking view of the crystal blue lake waters, surrounded by the calmness of the lush green forest, and the majestic snowy mountains as far as the eye can see. Time to get built! Head to your capital's Town Hall for a construction permit, select your house layout, and secure blueprints - it's all going smoothly. But gathering materials is dragging, slowing your dream home's progress. Well, head over to the Job Board, and hire help to speed up the process. Involving more players with trusty Mounts to carry abundant amounts of materials, makes the building of your Dream House a delightful experience. Now that it is finished, you are ready to throw fabulous parties with stunning views from your garden.

  • Active Weather: The game will have its own active weather system, which will change upon the player's real-life weather forecast.

  • Community-driven: Scars of Honor is a project where everyone can be a Game Designer, you have an awesome unique idea, share it with us and you may see it live in the game. We are reviewing every comment and suggestion on our official forums (and not only) and constantly consulting with them via social networks.
  • Never-ending: We are always carving for new and exciting ideas and will never stop evolving, so the one thing we can be sure about is that we won’t limit ourselves in any way.