The Sacred Order


Unstopable Force

The Bearans are the third and last children of Aragon. Big, powerful, proud, and fierce predators. Once challenged only death itself can stop those brute beings. Among everything, they praise the good food and the long sleep. Fools are those who try to stop a Bearan from his meal or interrupt his sleep. In the beginning, the race of the Bearans race was spread and presented only by single nature wildlings.

Bearan History

Years have passed and the Bearans faced the intelligent and prosperous race of Humans who were having food all the time, even more, several times a day! Humans were not so big and fearful race but had a way to live a more fulfilled life than the Bearans. The connection with the Human race caused several wild Bearans to learn the power of speech. This was the turning point for the Bearans after mastering the power of communication with the race of Humans, the first wise Bearans were fact. Among all Bearans one was truly wise, strong ,and respected by all Bearans, Humans, Dwarves ,or even the Elves - Chieftain Ursan. Chieftain Ursan is the current leader of the Bearans Race and a respected member of the High Council in the union of The Sacred Order.

Bearan Racial Traits

Tooth and Claw
Reduces enemy's Armor by 10% for 5 sec. Other Bearans can apply additional stacks.
While sleeping restores 1% Health every 3 seconds.
Hide of Stone
Empowers your skin Reducing Damage done to you with 20% for 5 seconds.

Available Classes