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July 2024 Live Development Update Recap

by Puffymuffinz

The June Live Development Update was an amazing experience!

For those that didn’t manage to catch the Live Stream, this time our Host - Jonathan, was accompanied by Venelin (CEO of Beast Burst) and the extraordinary Francesco (Abbo) - our Art Director.

Francesco is simply a gaming bible, and for him, Art is a religion, with his extensive knowledge and massive experience, we are confident that Scars of Honor will become not only fun but absolutely astonishing.

Environment Update

The team was eager to show you the new stuff, so Francesco started immediately with the big guns - The revealing of the whole new continent - Irongarth - home of the Humans, Elves, and the Undead.

The former land of the Humans and Elves, now the Undead are battling for territory and their place on Aragon.

The team also showed concepts of the main areas of Irongarth.

Bravestone Cliffs

The Human starting zone is a Mediterranean-inspired area with a summer-like atmosphere, many cicadas, and a very sunny climate.

Primrose Fields
The Heartland of the Human kingdom and main food source full of farmlands, but this rich soil landscape has not forgotten the great battles in the past, and it is constantly reminded of it, by Ondall’s Gate - one of the last fortifications which held back against the undead tide back in the War with Nepherimas.

Whitesong City
The last great Bastion of the Human race, after the second great barony decided to go rogue and turned into what we know today as Veltharas - The Undead Capital.
Whitesong is an island connected only by bridges to the mainland, one of the biggest ports on Aragon, full of merchants, with ships coming and going constantly. A massive Gryffin sculpture is carved into the mountain, the main symbol of the city, because of the white rock mountain, and the way it is carved into it - in the way of sea breeze - a song is played every time the winds blow, and from there the name Whitesong City has come.

Veltharas - The Undead Capital
Once a blooming city, now a rotting land, due to the Undead’s magic that has been used to preserve their soul and become immortal. Veltharas being in the epicenter of when the spell was used, is now the gloomiest place of all of the Undead land. Knowing that, they still try to live as if nothing has happened, living with the idea, that those are just unfortunate consequences from having done the right thing, by rejecting the Gods of Order.

The starting city of the Undead race, a city heavily focused on combining magic and technology, of course trying to ease the transition for the freshly made Undead. Unfortunately, Gloomset also acts as an Asylim to treat or dispose of the ones that didn’t fully make it to the afterlife. Since the soul does not always return to one place, this will be the first trial of every new Undead - getting your soul in one place, and your body in one piece.

Character update

Human Guard Costume Concepts
Heavily inspired by Lord of the Rings and the Minas Tirith Guards, we wanted to capture that Gondorian culture style. 

The Sun Elves

The facelifting of the races continues at full speed, so we present to you the Sun Elves, formerly known as High Elves - the third race of Irongarth.

The idea behind the Sun Elves is that the Moon and High Elves have been done quite a bit in many games in the past and present, so we wanted them to be more unique to Scars of Honor.

The Sun Elves are direct descendants of the Infernal Demons, so it was needed for them to be able to show that link, wishing to become something else, after the last Demonic War, the Sun God answered their prayers and gave them the ability to sustain themselves from the Sun’s light.

If you look up close, the places where they had scales on their skin while they were Infernal Demons, now have markings from which they absorb the power of the Sun, and their almost molten-lava-like blood is visible through their ash-like skin.

As a relatively new race, their story will always be about understanding their true direction and purpose in the world of Aragon.


The revamped Day and Night Cycle

We have previously shown the implementation of the Day and Night cycle, but it got quite a nice revamp, and now it is looking absolutely astonishing.

Sounds of Irongarth
The team proudly presented some of the ambient music and songs that you will hear during your gameplay sessions. Be sure to not skip that part because it is truly mesmerizing what our Sound team made, your immersion is 100% guaranteed!

You can find the SFX at these timestamps in the video
Song #1 - The Day Theme
Song #2 - The Night Theme
Song #3 - Human Town - Daytime

Song #4 - Human Town - Nighttime


The approach that we are taking for the architecture is very strategic, and the buildings can be mixed and matched without the need to make a new asset every time.

Human Barracks

All of the buildings are super low poly and perform on mobile devices very well.

Human House

What you see is just a bunch of cubes, not separate bricks and stones, the the textures and the “normal maps” are taking care of the 3-dimensional look of the models.

Human Stables

Not all buildings will be explorable, which will ease the process of creating cities, but regardless of that, we will try to make all cities feel and look living and breathing, and not just copy-pasted.

Human Tavern

This specific building will have interiors - a kitchen, a basement, actual rooms, and will be overall explorable. 

Human Town Hall

The interesting thing about this particular building is not only that it looks astonishing with it’s dome, and Sacred Order banners (which move when the wind blows) is actually, that it has a shader for procedurally generated moss around the bricks and tiles, which makes it feel very unique and detailed.

In general, the inspiration for the Human architecture is drawn from the pre-13th century Roman culture with some influences of the early Byzantine culture as well.


Last but not least, we have drawn the 5 lucky winners who won this stream’s prizes:
4 fortunate viewers grabbed the Warrior Duocorn Mount

And 1 extra lucky viewer snatched the super rare King's Valiant Hound

Congratulations to all of the winners, and be sure to join us for the next Live Development Update!