Festivities & Celebrations: The Opening

by Puffymuffinz

The time for another Holiday on Aragon has come!

Today all Dwarves celebrate "The Opening"

The Opening

The Opening is a celebration of the day the Infernal Nova hit the High Mountain and split it open. It had been a day for great loss as the disaster took the lives of many and ruined most of the mines and the caves the Dwargs inhabited at the time. But it is also the day the sunshine shone in the tunelbounds’ eyes for the first time. It Opened their isolated halls and minds to the outside world and, in the long run, it led the race to greatness.

Now the Opening is the day the Dwarves mourn those who are gone forever, those who became one with the rocks; and celebrate the new lives that chose to bless their kingdom. 

Traditionally this is the day new weapons and mining equipment are bought and tested, for they are both Vein Openers. 

The festivities are strictly for Dwarves, others rarely are allowed to The Opening ceremonies and sermons. Only Priests and Paladins are welcome in the tunnels during that time. This invitation is extended to Queen Elyssandra of the High Elves and the Kings of the five Human kingdoms. This year, for example, a welcome guest is King Sedephan II Snowfinder of Old Northdom.

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