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Festivities & Celebrations: Salmon Day

by Puffymuffinz

The time has come to reveal another holiday!
This time you will know more about one of the Bearan's holidays.
Today on the 30th of June, all Bearans are celebrating Salmon Day

Salmon Day

Salmon Day is celebrated at the end of June when the salmon start swimming upriver to lay their eggs in redds along the streams feeding Winind and Humahum. It coincides with the period when the Bearan gals are in season and romances bud and blossom, so the feast for the stomach easily becomes a feast for the flesh. During the redd days sayings like “Chasing the salmon” and “No salmon upriver yet” get to be twice the wiser.
The Salmon day feasts are traditionally held outdoors, at river or lake shores, and include not only eating and drinking but also swimming and rowing contests, and salmon hunt bearhanded.
All races from The Sacred Order are welcome to join the Salmon day festivities. (But are strongly warned against salmon chasing if not accompanied by suitable partners.)

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