Wildlife of Aragon - The Chymera

by Puffymuffinz

Inhabiting a game world is a collaborative effort. A skilled story writer crafts details and lore, a concept artist visualizes them, and a 3D artist brings them to life. 
Join us in exploring the inhabitants of Aragon, their intricacies, and backstories in our new post series.

The Wildlife of Aragon

The Chymera

Originating as a massive experiment within the realm of the Undead, the Chymera boasts a wide range of offensive capabilities: the lion's skull head emits scorching flames, while the serpent's skull head on the tail delivers potent venom. As stated in the ads by Gloomset Laboratories Inc., this amalgamation of deadly features renders the creature a formidable and versatile guard animal.

When the sales proved the project a spectacular failure due to the uncontrollable and aggressive nature of the Chymeras, they were shipped in bulk to an uninhabited island near the coasts of the Red Desert, considered one of the harshest environments of Aragon. While the initial intention had been for them to perish naturally; they proved resilient and reached the continent.

There, the Chymeras present a unique challenge within the Orc homelands, as they are regarded as an invasive species that poses a significant problem. Responsible for the death of thousands of other creatures each month, they are disrupting the elegant balance of the ecosystem.

Addressing the imbalance is imperative: the extermination of all Chymeras is deemed necessary personally by Chief Ingrimm.

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