Exploring MMORPG Development with Callum Upton & MMOByte

by Puffymuffinz

Last week witnessed an unprecedented event on our YouTube Channel as Callum Upton, accompanied by MMOByte's Mr. and Mrs. Stix, joined us in a remarkable video.
The focus of this exclusive debut was our Founder and CEO, Venelin Vasilev, engaging fearlessly with the Content Creators.

The conversation transcended boundaries - no question faced censorship, and no scripted answers were provided. It was an unfiltered and open dialogue centering on the heart of "Scars of Honor."

Throughout the session, Venelin navigated a diverse array of topics, responding with honesty and dedication.

For those eager to delve into the specifics, here's a breakdown of the discussions and their precise timestamps, allowing direct access to these engaging exchanges:

03:18 - The significant pitfalls in MMORPG development

4:40 - The monetization strategy behind "Scars of Honor"

6:50 - Defining the essence of "Pay-to-Win"

10:07 - Insights on MMO-related scams and Kickstarter ventures

19:30 - The funding behind "Scars of Honor"

23:06 - Reflecting on the glorious past of MMORPGs

31:02 - The threshold for adequate gaming content

40:17 - Еxploration of game mechanics and features

45:19 - The PvP (Player vs. Player) dynamics

54:43 - Embracing a cross-platform approach

56:33 - Capturing the essence of wonder within the game

59:26 - The world of quests

1:00:26 - The rationale behind subscription models

They spent an entire day in our office, witnessing everything firsthand, unedited and unscripted.
Had the chance to talk to various members of the team, and see how "Scars of Honor" is being built in real time.

As we step into the second part of our event, Venelin takes a deeper dive into exploring the lesser-known aspects of the genre.
In this engaging phase, the Content Creators take center stage, sharing their distinct perspectives on the MMORPG landscape.
Their view brings a fresh angle, providing insights drawn from their personal encounters and the perspectives of their audience members.

The discussion covers a wide range of topics: from their initial encounters with MMORPGs to the challenges they've faced, and the dynamics of cross-platform gaming, culminating in their most recent enjoyable moments in an MMORPG game.


If you're keen on diving into specific topics during this discussion, here's a breakdown with timestamps. Feel free to jump directly to the subjects that interest you the most.

1:13 - Starting Experience in MMOs
3:57 - Having FUN in MMOs
5:38 - Leveling in MMOs
7:12 - When should players be rewarded?
8:43 - MMOs competing with other modern genres
10:15 - The player/company relationship
12:26 - The last time you really enjoyed an MMO?
14:24 - The "Nostalgia" factor
15:20 - The Guild experience
16:41 - The Dream Raid
19:24 - The best PvP experience
21:20 - What features attract toxicity?
23:50 - What is fun about mobile games?
24:52 - Why do mobile MMORPGs have a bad rep?
28:25 - Can Scars of Honor do it?
30:25 - What is BAD about Scars of Honor?
38:26 - MMO Content Creator's struggles

At Beast Burst, we cherish feedback and diverse perspectives. Your input fuels our decisions and shapes the development of "Scars of Honor" for the best possible experience.

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