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v.208 PTR Server Update

by Puffymuffinz

The Human Starting Zone
You will be among the first mortal souls to step on the world of Aragon, after being held in the realm between realms - Farabale.
The Human starting zone is now implemented, although more things need to be added, you can freely explore it. 
It will be used as a starting zone for all Classes available to the Human Race.

Day and Night Cycle
Yes! The Day and Night Cycle is fully implemented, the cycle is full 24 hours, including Dawn, Morning, Midday, Afternoon, Evening, and Dusk.

Weather System
And to further immerse you we've added another exciting feature in this update - the Weather system. Currently, you will encounter Rain and Snow, but further down our Road Map we will add more seasons and negative/positive effects on your characters caused by them.

Two Portals Added
Two portals have been added in front of the two cities that are available on the current (Farabale) map. You will need to use them in order to get to the new Human zone, and explore!

Other Bug Fixes
  • Bug fix: Capital cities NPCs following the player out of range after being attacked.
  • Bug fix: Npcs not respawning on the initial position.
  • Bug fix: Projectile speed is too low and targets can outrun them.

All you need to do in order to claim your spot and be among the first to explore this new and unknown world is to go to your Account Dashboard grab a Supporter or Honored license (if you haven't) and choose your desired subscription.

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