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by Puffymuffinz
Our 5th test is now LIVE
You have received an email containing instructions and additional information, but in case you haven't seen it yet, here is how to enter, and what to expect!
How to enter

Step 1

If you don't have a Supporter or Honored account, you can purchase one from our store or upgrade your Free account from the Account panel.
Follow this link to UPGRADE or this one to PURCHASE an account.

Step 2

If you already have a license, then you can skip the first step, and click directly on the Download button bellow, to get the Beast Burst Launcher


Step 3

Install the Beat Burst Launcher and log in using the credentials you used to register. Download the game through the Launcher and jump into the action.

Available features overview

  • Combat - Basic Combat is now implemented, you will have access to Spells and Basic Attacks. 
  • Classes - 3 Classes to choose from - Warrior, Mage, and Priest.
  • Arenas - 2 Arena Maps - Thallan's Ring, and Bonecrusher's Theatre.
  • Battleground - The Braveyard, enter at your own risk!
  • All Races - All 8 Races are implemented, with both male and female models.
  • Leveling - You can now gain XP, and level up to Level 10
  • Loot - Loot system implemented, defeated enemies drop some loot.
  • Leaderboard - Online Leaderboard to check and show off your PvP score.
  • Vendor NPCs - Sell and Buy items from the Vendors.
  • Cosmetic Subrace Nordrim - You are now able to purchase the brutal Viking-Type Human Subrace and struck fear on the battleground with its intimidating size and looks.
    And more...

    To have in mind...

    In order to make it more interesting, we will be rolling out features throughout the course of the test phase.
    • The Battleground will start to accept its victims later this week, so make sure to train well in the Arenas for the first couple of days!
    • Quests and Spells will be added regularly, so make sure to log in and explore every day.
    • New VFX and Animations daily, for you to feast your eyes upon.
    All found bugs will be fixed on the go by our Dev Team, so make sure to report whatever you see.
    You can do that via:
    • Discord - in the dedicated testing section, #bug-report channel
    • The Beast Burst Launcher - through the Bug Report button.
    The Changelog will be updated daily in the news section of the website.

The Changelog will be update regularly during the test phase with fixed/added features.