Festivities & Celebrations: Infernal Flame Games

by JulianMihaylov

The Infernal Flame Games are celebrated every year for 3 days, from the 15th to the 17th of August.

The Infernal Flame Games

The biggest Holiday the Infernal Demons have is the Infernal Flame Games. During the Games, other races from The Domination enter the Infernal Demons' lands at their own risk. 
These are days (and nights) when the Infernal Flame is unleashed unbound upon the land; the use of dangerous magic is allowed and even encouraged. Witches and Mages show off their best spells, and the other Infernal Demons compete in martial arts, cunning trickery, and torture mastery. An especially important part of the festivities are the rides against Human settlements on the islands between Grommdor and Mynorath, planned for months and in great detail; the captives are kept alive and tortured until the last day of the Games when their souls become the main course of the festivities.

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