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Festivities & Celebrations: The Soil Birthing

by Puffymuffinz

Marvelous Community,

we know that you are eager to find out more about the lore of "Scars of Honor", and that is why we will be sharing with you some of the race's "Festivities & Celebrations"

Today all of the Orcs in the world of Aragon are celebrating "The Soil Birthing"

The Soil Birthing
The Soil Birthing, also called The Soils, marks the day the first Orcs clawed their way up from the rich soils of The Black Mountain.

The night before The Soils all the young Orc warriors have to climb Dek Peak, get into the valley high up the mountain slope, and bury each other armpit deep at the same exact spot the First Orcs of the Nation were born. When the morning comes, the Sun will shine upon the lake and the valley from a cleft in the rocks of the peak, awakening the ancient magic of this land. The warriors are reborn: they grow substantially bigger and stronger and get new powers.

One of the most interesting traditions of the day is the Landship race. Ships, specially built for the race, are brought to the festival ground and the Orc warriors are to pull them back to the water. The path of the race is usually a couple of km. long, making it a serious trial for both the ship and the team.
This use of the ships is not uncommon in real life too. Landships had been used during the Blazesand’s Battle where Orcs and Undead for the first time united with the Infernal Demons to defeat the Humans (during the 2nd War).

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