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Ho Ho Ho! Have you been Good or Bad? We give presents to all!

by Armegon

Christmas is here!

We have Santa Orc holding his list of good and bad denizens of Aragon gathered strictly by drunk Dwarfs and "good" Infernal Demons. In which side you think you are, good or bad?

It does not matter for us! We will give presents to all community members, starting here with this amazing Christmas Wallpaper done by one of our amazing 2D artists Vlad Yankov. Let us know what do you think about it in the Forums! 

Do you think this is all we have prepared for you this Christmas? NO it is NOT!

Visit our website everyday till Christmas in order not to miss what we have stored for you!

In the meantime please let us know in the Forums in reply to this topic what you would like to receive as a present from us! Do it, seriously!

Happy Holidays,
sincerely yours
Beast Burst Entertainment Team 

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