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Monthly Newsletter #2 - February

by Puffymuffinz

Another month has passed, which means it's time for another exciting Newsletter.
As promised we will be sending you monthly recaps of what happened during the past month.

During the past month, our programmers worked on cleaning the project's core and setting the foundations for various mechanics. Now until our custom UI is ready, they are focusing on the character selection and customization screens, as well as the character's movement system and core mechanics. You will have a beautiful character selection and immersive character creation screens. Soon we will experience the very first steppes of our beautifully made models. 

Our 3D artists made for you our newest addition to the Scars of Honor universe, and that is the Human Orc Male. He is an example for what raw, brutal force looks like. Click on his banner below for a more in-depth look.
Also, we made some improvements to the Male Human Model, by adding some more customization styles.

As usual, we are very grateful for the support and love you are showing us.
Keep those marvelous ideas coming and don't stop being so awesome.
May we all see you in-game soon.