Pre-Alpha Map Announced. Name Game & Giveaway!

by Astinos
Here at Scars of Honor, we are always trying to keep the community awake. So we are going to make a community game. As usual, we are going to make you use your brain but don't worry we will give the winner a sweet surprise. 
You will have to make up a name for our first city on the pre-alpha test map. 
We are giving you a video of the city you have to name so you can get inspired.
Keep reading to find out the rest of the details 
  • The game will be active from 05.04.2020 until 19.04.2020
  • Every member of the community can make a suggestion
  • One suggestion is allowed per member
  • If a member gives more than one suggestion, the second one will be deleted.
  • Rude, copied from other games, advertising suggestions will be deleted.
  • Everything else than a city name suggestion will be deleted also.

We will choose ONE of the names and that name will be used on the pre-alpha test map and on a later stage in the final release of the game.
The winner will receive an Honored account and get all of the benefits it comes with for life, including pre-alpha access and discord tester channels.

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