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Monthly Newsletter #1 January

by Puffymuffinz

Welcome to 2021! Last year was challenging in both personal and business plans. All of us went through a lot of real-life tests and trials. We hope all of you are doing well on your part of the world.

For Scars of Honor, 2020 was a tough one, we had many downfalls and went through hard and long negotiations with our investors. That was the reason almost nothing was done on the game. Now, after the hard and long negotiations, we officially have been invested in and for the past month, we have been building our future team of professional developers.

As of this year, the changes we want to make are

We will be making everything visually enhanced so you could have the best possible user experience!

You, marvelous community, and your kind words are the driving force for all of us to keep pushing forward. It’s hard to express in words our gratitude for you and your support over the years. Our team is working hard, and our biggest goal is to create a truly epic game for all of you to enjoy.