Open Stress Test

by Puffymuffinz

Marvelous community,
as you all know, during the past week we were in our 3rd test phase. 

Since the test week is coming to an end, we decided to grab the opportunity and open the server for 24h, starting at Noon GMT+2 on October, 31st, for EVERYONE (Free, Supporter, and Honored) to join and massively stress test the servers!

Make sure to get ready by pre-downloading and installing the game, following the instructions below!

Once you receive the additional email that the server is live, the clock starts ticking and you will only have 24h!


  1. • Download the Beast Burst Launcher via 
  2. • From the launcher (after you log in with your account) download and install the game.
  3. • Report bugs via the Bug Report button
  4. • Join our Discord Server and hop in the voice channels to have even more fun together

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